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Mikko Lehtonen
Mikko Lehtonen
CEO, engineer of information technology & technical journalism
Email: mikko.lehtonen@aavekellari.fi
Tel. +358 45 634 7788
EU tax-id: FI21202488
Main cities in Finland: Rauma, Turku, Pori, Tampere

AaVekellari is an Audio/Visual production company based in Finland.
We do video productions, photography, aerial photography and videography, graphic design, vinyl decals and much more!

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In 2006, the business started with corporate videos and event video productions

I have been offering services of moving pictures and still images for 17 years via my company called AaVekellari.
English translation of "Aave" is a "ghost" and "kellari" means an "underground cellar" - mascot of the company is a happy ghost that you'll meet later in the demoreel sections below.

We offer a wide array of advertising agency services, such as:
- Video shooting and live streaming
- Photography
- Aerial videography & photography
- Video editing, animations, digitization services
- Photo editing and image manipulation
- Audio recordings and mastering
- Logo design, brochures, advertisements, illustration work
- Vinyl decals, installation and removal of stickers
- 3D modeling and 3D printing
- Websites, domains

The business started with video productions and graphic design back in 2006. Within a few years, our products could be seen in many medias, e.g. on television channels, festivals, fairs and streaming services.

The company's service offering has actively expanded into new areas every few years: photography and animations quickly joined video productions in the early 2010's, and vinyl decal creations were added to the graphic design side of the business.

The passion for creation, the expertise in technical equipment and the reliability of the operation have been the basis of the company's success. Customers have especially appreciated the efficiency and flexibility. The furthest filming locations have been in the sand dunes of the Middle East, in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.

High-quality productions are my passion and I gladly take on new challenges.

Editing the mentor course of Jukka Jalonen, a three-time world champion and the head couch of the Finnish ice hockey team

On-location skills:
- Videography: Expert (23 years)
- Photography: Expert (12 years)
- Aerial Photography & Videography: Expert (5 years)
- Directing: Splendid (23 years)
- Audio recording: Advanced (18 years)
- Lightning setup: Advanced (11 years)
- Vinyl decals & wrapping: Expert (13 years)

Post-Production / Office skills:
- Video editing: Expert (23 years)
- Script planning: Splendid (23 years)
- Photo editing: Expert (15 years)
- Graphic design: logo design, vector graphics: Advanced (15 years)
- 2D Animations: Advanced (15 years)
- Audio mastering: Advanced (15 years)
- Composing: Advanced (20 years)
- Websites, Wordpress: Advanced (17 years)
- Coding: Advanced (16 years)
- 3D modelling: Basics (1 year)

Software skills:
- Adobe Premiere Pro: Expert (25 years)
- Adobe After Effects: Advanced (15 years)
- Adobe Photoshop: Expert (15 years)
- Adobe Lightroom: Expert (12 years)
- Adobe Illustrator: Advanced (14 years)
- Adobe Indesign: Advanced (17 years)
- SignLab Vinyl & Print and Cut: Advanced (13 years)
- DaVinci Resolve: Basics (2 years)
- Insta360 Studio: Expert (1 year)
- Autodesk Fusion 360: Basics (1 year)
- Solidworks: Basics (1 year)
- UltiMaker Cura: Advanced (1 year)

Filming advertisement video production for University of Turku

Most people would propably describe me as an efficient, easy to talk to, easily smiling and having a positive outlook on things and someone who is ready for challenges!

I like to prepare things carefully, but I also love to improvise on the fly. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas with people to achieve better outcomes makes me happy.

Ability to recognize recurring patterns has been a somewhat characteristic of me and it has been very helpful for learning and adopting new things quickly, doing videography, photography and even for making moves in the stock market. - If you can predict how the things will take shape before they do, you're one step ahead. That's a big advantage behind a camera.

I tend to unwind by travelling with my camping car, by riding motorcycle/offroad enduro and mountainbiking in various places. I like also to compete against myself and others in modern boardgames (over 1195+ different published boardgames played so far, and counting). I enjoy various sports such as beach volleyball, tennis/squash/padel and orienteering.

I'm a dog person at heart and during the compulsory military service in the Finnish Defence Forces, I specialized in training dogs. I have adopted three rescue dogs and they have all given me a lots of enjoyment during the last 25 years - they have been accompanying me while discovering new locations and helped me to come up with fresh ideas and solutions for the various projects at hand, by taking me for a daily walk in the nature.

If there's a challenge awaiting somewhere, I'm most propably interested.

In numbers:

Here's my demoreel of video productions:

Some examples of videos:

ChangeMakers Rauma 2022 - Challanges to business camp

A three part aftermovie of a 3-day event. 150 students from four different countries visited Turku University & SAMK university of applied sciences.
Vanha Rauma Sprintti 2019 / orienteering aftermovie

Finnish national championship aftermovie of orienteering in Rauma Old Town. A coordinated production of three camera operators in a tightly planned schedule.
Visiting Finland for the first time! - 5 differences Finland vs Philippines

Short social media video of the differences of cultures between Finland and Philippines.
Pihan Paras - controlled tree takedowns

Short video about taking down trees in housing area using multiple techniques.

My photography work:

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Here's my demoreel of aerial productions:

Here's my demoreel of vinyl decals:

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